The world as we used to know it has changed, not just from the Covid experience, but the cost of everything including gas, and world-wide supply issues. It has hit small boat racing particularly hard, but we hope whatever is around the corner will include sailing. Recreational sailing, especially on a small one- or two-person boat like the Butterfly, is a great way to relax, get a bit of exercise, and escape from everything happening on shore. We'll see you on the other side.


National Butterfly Association 1964-2015

The class association produced over 50 years of friendships through competition among sailors from around the country.

Past Commodore Pete Hoffswell has set up a group through, at or via the sign-up button on the left. If you know Butterflying, go there to pass on the knowledge. If you don't know Butterflying, go there to get your questions answered!

The Butterfly sailboat is one of the originators of the "one-design" sailing concept. In existence since 1964, the class was virtually unchanged until 2015, with only updates to hardware and fittings with new materials plus refinements and innovations in the internal structure to make a stronger, longer-lasting boat. Over 10,000 boats have been built since then, with the boat finding its way to cottages as a vacation boat, at home as a family recreation boat, in yacht club programs as a very successful junior training boat, and in racing, where the class has men, women, youth to masters, all competing together equally on a boat where the biggest single difference is the sailor.

While the organization of the National Association has disappeared, there are still a few clubs in the middle of the US where both social and racing activity is alive and well, and judging by the constant flow of parts around the country, there are still hundreds of older boats in active recreational use.

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